Description: SysTools USB Blocker Software allow to block and unlock system users machines USB port. The software is capable enough to block and unblock all USB ports from any system. Users can free download USB blocker software any version of Windows such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and all below version of Windows.



• Allows blocking all the USB Ports from any user machine
• Machine Username Password required to Block /Unblock Ports
• Option to recover lost user password using theemail address
• Need to set a new password for USB Ports Blocking Unblocking
• Need to re-login into the user machine to block USB ports.
• The tool comes with the new single window layout
• USB Blocker software works efficiently All Versions of Windows

List of Key Features in SysTools USB Blocker Tool
Best USB Post Blocker Software to block and unblock multiple system at once

• Block System USB Port
USB Blocker serves a very important function of blocking USB ports that restricts unwanted users from using USB devices on them like; pen drives, flash drives, USB drives, etc. Also, no data extract can be carried out from the machine in your absence. It is possible to block all USB ports present on the machine at once by using USB blocker software.

• Unblock System USB Port
This utility also offers to unblock USB ports whenever it is required. This way you can regain access of the system ports to connect pen drives, flash drives and other data storage devices to it. All the blocked ports will get unblocked at once; using the same USB Blocker tool. You need to provide login password to unblock the USB port from blocked state and vice versa.

• Machine User Credentials
In order to block or unblock USB ports, USB blocker tool most importantly needs the machine and user password. Only then can it block or unblock ports. You need to provide a admin and master password and have to use same every time for blocking or unblocking USB ports using the tool.

• Supports All Windows OS
USB Blocker software works conveniently with all Windows Operating System versions such as Win7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, and Windows 11 too. Once you launch the tool and provide credential on any machine having USB ports, the tool will automatically block all of them at once. This is the best USB port blocker tool.

• Work on Multiple Machines
USB port blocker tool is highly capable and efficient because at a time it can block or unblock unlimited USB ports of several computers, laptops, etc. You must have to free download and install the USB blocker software on each machine or laptop and block or unblock ports as per the requirement.

• Interactive User Interface
USB Blocker software comprises of a rich and interactive user interface to provide easy steps. This ultimately supports less computer skilled persons in operating the tool. Complete action performed is based on your clicks and so you do not need to be technically sound in order to block or unblock system USB ports.

Release Name: SysTools USB Blocker 4.1
Size: 17.2 MB
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