THE SPOT IS LIT. As underachieving cousins, Ty and Dee throw the craziest party of the summer. But things get out of hand when the money made from the party goes missing. What seems like a simple mishap quickly turns deadly, as the money in question is actually owed to Dutch – the most NOTORIOUS DRUG DEALER in the city. Dutch threatens to kill them both if their debt isn’t paid by the end of the day. Consumed by fear, Ty and Dee set out to recoup the money and make their relationship with Dutch whole. But there’s one problem – they got so stoned at the party, they don’t have a clue as to who could’ve taken it. So the duo set out to remake the money and piece together the events of the party, in an attempt to save their lives. All while facing rival dealers, crooked police officers and the rest of Detroit in the fast-paced slapstick comedy, full of raunchy gags, zany antics, and urban wonder.


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