Season 13, Episode 04 –
It’s July 1969, and everyone is giddy with nervous excitement about Apollo 11’s imminent landing on the moon. The whole community wishes to mark this special occasion, and there is a public showing of the landing outside, using the Nonnatus House television set. Sister Veronica, Sister Julienne, Fred, Violet, Rosalind, Colette, Miss Higgins, Nurse Crane and Nancy are in attendance. Dr Turner, Shelagh, Angela, May, Teddy and Timothy host a family celebration and stay up late to watch the coverage. Sister Monica Joan is thankful to be able to witness a moon landing in her lifetime and is overcome with emotion when the Apollo commander, Neil Armstrong, steps onto the moon’s surface. Meanwhile, Fred is unhappy with being under the watchful eye of Violet and wishes he could return to work.


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