Season 13, Episode 03 –
Reggie comes home for a few weeks’ holiday and helps Fred to make over the small unkempt green space outside St Oswald’s church. This is paid work for them both and marks the first time Reggie has earned his own money. Violet and Fred decide it is time they pay Reggie for his work in Buckle’s paper shop. Meanwhile, Violet considers running for mayor and is somewhat preoccupied with her application. She fails to notice that Fred isn’t his usual cheery self. Events take a dramatic turn, and it looks like Violet’s mayoral campaign will have to be abandoned.

Model Gillian Baxter is something of a star in Poplar. Born into an East End family, Gillian was signed up to a baby modelling agency, and her face was seen on the sides of London buses advertising baby soap. Since becoming pregnant, Gillian has been signed up to model once more, and there are plans already in place for her newborn to follow in her footsteps. Rosalind and Sister Julienne oversee Gillian’s delivery at the maternity home, but when her newborn baby is diagnosed with a birth defect, Gillian doesn’t take the news well. Nurse Crane helps Gillian and her husband, Liam, through this challenging time.

Meanwhile, Trixie starts making plans for a move into the Barbican flat and tries to enlist Matthew’s help selecting a new sofa.


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