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Category: Games

Trough all these years, there is one strategy game which lasted with style, this is the Tropico franchise. One of the best strategy games which gets improved with each release. Support the devs if you like this. Have fun!

Genre: Strategy
Release Date: Mar 29, 2019
Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox One
Gameplay Modes: Single-Player, Multi-Player
Developer: Limbic Entertainment
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a

1 Disc | 7.8 GB | codex-tropico.6
Protection: Steam

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Description: In times of political turmoil and social unrest, the people are calling out for a visionary leader, one who will steer the fate of their country with foresight and ingenuity. Will you answer that call?

Release Name: Tropico.6-CODEX
7.79 GB
Download: NitroFlare | RapidGatorAyeFiles | 4DownFiles

CODEX has released a PC game “Eternity The Last Unicorn”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Eternity: The Last Unicorn is a fully featured action RPG inspired by tales from Norse Mythology with classic game mechanics that bring a nostalgic feeling to players.
Aurehen is a young, pureblood Elf on a quest to free the last Unicorn. This creature has been captured and cursed by witches. Travel through mesmerizing locations, meet fantasy characters and fight to protect Elven immortality. Pursue Eternity!


# Level up your weapons, acquire new skills and abilities as you progress through the game.
# A fixed-camera system that used to be commonly present in old-school games..
# Discover and use new and more powerful items as you progress through the game.
# Two playable characters: The young elf, Aurehen, and the Viking, Bior – each with a unique backstory and character abilities.
# Over 12 hours of gameplay.
# A soundtrack that captures the Nordic and fantastical themes of the world of Eternity.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Void Studios
Publisher: 1C Entertainment

Release Name: Eternity.The.Last.Unicorn-CODEX
Size: 7.59 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: RapidGator | UploadGiG | NitroFlare | AyeFiles | Upload4Earn



















CODEX has released the game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” for Windows . Enjoy

Genre: Action
Release Date: Jan 26, 2018
Platform: PC , PS4 , Xbox One
Gameplay Modes: Single Player
Developer: Arc System Works
Ratings: MetaCritic: n/a

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Description: DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters.

Release Name: Dragon.Ball.FighterZ-CODEX
Download: RapidGator | UploadGiG | NitroFlare | AyeFiles | Upload4Earn

Description: The ultimate farming experience!
From the creators of Avatar Farm comes Farm Together, the ultimate farming experience!

Start from scratch, with a small plot, and end with a huge farm that extends further than the eye can see!
Grow your farm
Grow crops, plant trees, take care of the animals, and much more! Spend your hard-earned money in new buildings and facilities for your farm! Earn experience to unlock hundreds of new items!

Hop onto your tractor and speed up the tasks, but watch out or you’ll run out of gas!

Chill out
Stay for as long as you want! In Farm Together time advances even if you’re not online, so you can be sure you’ll have something to do when you come back later.

Manage your farm all by yourself, allow entrance only to your friends, or open it to the public and start cultivating together! A simple permission system allows you to limit what strangers can do, so they can help with it without risks of vandalizing.
Customize your farm and your looks
You’ll have plenty of customization items at your disposal: Fences, roads, buildings, decorations… Show your gardening and decoration skills to your neighbours!

And don’t forget about your clothes! Customize your avatar and your tractor to your liking, and go visit your friends’ farms!
Take your pet anywhere
Are you a cat person or a dog person? No problem, we got you covered!

Your loyal friend will always be there to show you some love! Customize its looks however you like and have fun with it!
Build your own house
Want a change of pace? No problem! Just enter your house and relax!

Decorate the house interior however you like, and spend some time cooking some recipes, painting, or even composing music!

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Milkstone Studios
Publisher: Milkstone Studios

Release Name: Farm.Together.Chickpea-PLAZA
Size: 1.20 GB

Download: RapidGator | UploadGiG | NitroFlare | AyeFiles | Upload4Earn