Season 13, Episode 07 –
It’s October 1969, and Rosalind and Joyce are thrilled to receive their red cardigans. Sister Julienne presents Joyce with the Violet Albany Prize, which is given to the East London midwife who qualifies with the highest marks in her exams. Shelagh has arranged for everyone to have their photograph taken for the Gazette outside Nonnatus House. Elsewhere, Joyce oversees the care of Gerri Godfrey, a single mother who is pregnant with her second child. When Joyce receives an unexpected visitor from her past, she must put all distractions aside to focus on her patient.

Matthew and Trixie struggle with their change in fortune, and Trixie’s lack of sleep prompts her to seek help from Dr Turner. As Matthew vows to overcome their financial troubles, he is offered a lifeline from an old colleague.

Nurse Crane and Rosalind give a talk about menstruation and contraception at Kingsley Toy Factory. The all-female workforce is rowdy and give 16-year-old Alison Casey a hard time. Rosalind understands Alison is concealing a pregnancy and suspects something is wrong when she becomes distressed during an examination.

Elsewhere, Fred plans on using turnips for Halloween lanterns but orders far too many. When they are accidentally unloaded outside Violet’s shop, Violet demands Fred moves them at once. As Fred seeks Cyril’s help, Miss Higgins and Nurse Crane have an idea on how to put the turnips to use.


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