Billy-John is sick of doing nothing, going nowhere and nothing ever changing in Papakura. When the literal %&@$ hits the fan at work, Billy-John (The Gulf’s Dahnu Graham) decides he’s ready to farewell his home in ‘Kura and head to the bright lights and golden-sand beaches of the Gold Coast. But first, he must break the news to his best mate Hotene (Educators’ Lionel Wellington), his girlfriend Trinity and his ragtag but close-knit family. Set over the days leading up to his departure, Kura follows Billy-John as he tries to earn some cash for his trip, goes on an epic night out with the boys and picks up a mystery package for his uncle in Oz – all while struggling to find the right words to tell Trinity he’s leaving. But his farewell tour could change the way he looks at his hometown. It becomes a celebration of his friendship with Hotene, his relationships with his offbeat but lovable family and all the memories he has made in Papakura.


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