Zoom Player Max Crack is a robust media and DVD front-end player. It was designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic and flexible when used to its full potential. Zoom Player Max Serial Key Download is fully scalable, supporting the latest media formats and interfaces. Zoom Player, the most Flexible and Sophisticated Media Player for Windows PCs & Tablets. Based on our highly-touted Smart Play technology and Fullscreen Navigation interfaces, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater performance while browsing for content is easily accessible using a Mouse, Keyboard or Touch input



With a Zoom Player MAX download, you could instantly convert any laptop right into a home entertainment middle (HTPC) without a specialized hardware requirement or working gadget. Zoom Player MAX 15.0 RC3 Full Version runs with every version of home windows. Making use of zoom participant’s modular layout and versatility, you can easily design a safe viewing environment, proscribing or extending functionality, making it perfect for inexperienced persons and specialists.

Zoom Player Max Registration Key features:

  • Use XBOX 360 and compatible user controllers, use the user-assigned functions as a remote control.
  • User actions by pressing the “hot” corners of the screen (Function / Extension Function / Honor application).
  • Automation of user-selected actions when switching between tablet and mouse modes (win10)
  • Automation of user-selected activity when attaching/attaching an additional monitor.
  • Preview thumbnails when you hover over the timeline.
  • Full multi-monitor compatible with powerful multi-monitor features.
  • Full-screen media center navigation in the password-protected category.
  • Supported media schedules for remote TCP / IP networks.
  • YouTube Media Library (Channels / Searches / Trends) integration.
  • Plays the main Blu-ray movie (subtitles).
  • Also, a mobile phone rings while playing media.
  • Place chapters/bookmarks directly on the timeline.
  • Information about LD3, App, FLAC, and WMA tags on stage.
  • Open OVV, Media, Audio, and Media Center Navigation.
  • Powerful, category-based multimedia library interface.
  • Ten band equations with digital preparation and preset.
  • Download your subscription through OpenSubstyles.com
  • Media Library RSS Feeder Reader
  • Custom mouse gestures

What’s New In Zoom Player Max Free download?

  • The media library category editor has been restructured. New categories
    are no longer automatically sorted in alphabetical order and instead
    always added to the bottom of the category list. New “Move up” and
    “Move down” buttons now allow you to manually re-order categories.
  • New “Preferred audio device cycle list” (Adv. Options / Playback / Audio)
    that allows you to select your preferred audio renderers and quickly
    switch between them”.
  • New Shift+”A” keyboard macro that switches between audio rendering devices
    on the Preferred audio device cycle list”.
  • The “Start player in” setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Position & Size)
    has been split to provide a more granular control of how the player should
    start. Please note that this change required resetting this setting to
    it’s default value.
  • Zoom Player’s Event Ghost plugin has been updated to support all the
    latest Zoom Player functions:

Release Name: Zoom Player MAX 17.2 RC1
Size: 36.5 MB
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