Avast is one of the best antivirus products. With Avast Rescue Disk you can even start your computer in emergency situations and scan it for viruses. The virus database can always be updated automatically.

Features: Antivirus, Browser, Commander (file manager), Registry Editor, Command-line Tool.

Bootable ISO file for DVD or USB stick.
Bootable antivirus tools can be useful in some of the most serious situations. While traditional antivirus software is sufficient for scanning your computer in most cases, it does rely on you having a functioning system. What if the damage is severe enough that you can’t power up or log in to your device, as is the case with some particularly nasty viruses? That’s where a bootable antivirus tool comes in. It can run on a system that has been heavily corrupted to the point that it no longer functions.

AvastPE Antivirus for Avast Rescue Disk 23.5.8195.0
[ 1.4 GB ]
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